Gamo Black Fusion Igt Mach1 Air Rifle

 Gamo Air Rifles 
 Caliber4.5 mm ( .177 in )
5.5 mm ( .22 in )
 Weight3.0 Kg
 Velocity4.5 mm 340 m/s
5.5 mm 240 m/s

SWA [Shock Wave Absorber]

The new recoil pad from GAMO has been developed to help you in your shooting experience. Provides up to 74% more absorption than traditional recoil pads. Shoot comfortably!

Shock Wave AbsorberShock Wave Absorber Pad


IGT Mach1

Gamo have further optimized their full power line of airguns by combining them with their newest technological advancement, the IGT Mach1 system "Inert Gas Technology". The latest Gamo Power line of airguns are specifically designed to deliver maximum performance due to their on board 33 mm air cylinders but are further enhanced by the introduction of Gamo's new IGT Mach1 system, which increases velocity by up to 20% when compared to the standard gas piston air rifle.
IGT Mach1 technologies not only provides increased velocity and improved accuracy but also enriches the overall shooting experience.

Gamo IGT MACH1 System
Gamo IGT MACH1 Technology

Whisper Fusion

The Quitest Quiet Gun

The Whisper Fusion is the first Gamo air rifle with two integrated Whisper technologies. While the pellet passes through the end of barrel, there is a first noise dampening technology using different air chambers and a second one that is reducing even more the noise using several buffles.

Develop by the creators of the internationally well-known Whisper and Bull Whisper technologies.

Gamo Whisper Fusion Technology
Gamo Whisper Fuson System

SAT-Smooth Action Trigger

Custom made trigger designed for all disciplines of shooting. Control your shot never like before.

Gamo Smooth Action Trigger
Gamo Smooth Action Trigger System Technology


Revolutionary fibre optic gun sights. Lightning-quick target acquisition when you need it most. 

Truglo Fibre Optic Gun Sights
Truglo Technology