Gamo Whisper Igt Air Rifle

Gamo Air Rifles 
Caliber4.5 mm ( .177 in )
5.5 mm ( .22 in )
Weight3.0 Kg
Velocity4.5 mm 305 m/s
5.5 mm 220 m/s


Sound moderator that compress and prevent noise expansion. The Whisper Technology is already recognized by shooters worldwide.

Gamo Whisper TechnologyGamo Whisper System


IGT-Inert Gas System

Improve your knockdown power and accuracy!

This technology consist of a pneumatic clinder that replaces the traditional main spring which increases velocity, reduced lock time, incurs less vibration, has a more consistent power level and requires less cocking effort than a traditional spring gun. 

Gamo IGT-Inert Gas System-logo
Gamo IGT-Inert Gas Technology

SAT-Smooth Action Trigger

Custom made trigger designed for all disciplines of shooting. Control your shot never like before.

Gamo Smooth Action Trigger
Gamo Smooth Action Trigger System Technology


Revolutionary fibre optic gun sights. Lightning-quick target acquisition when you need it most. 

Truglo Fibre Optic Gun Sights
Truglo Technology