Ceo Trust Semi Automatic Shotgun

Ceo Shotguns 
 Choke 5 Pcs mobile choke
 Caliber 12


TRUST Semi Auto Shotgun is improved from many sides, as well as it is manufactured with rapidly different outer appearance. TRUST Semi Auto shotgun provides hunters and shooters more advantages by containing a lot of improved systems inside, by these improved features it is one of the first in Turkey and inside the world’s best known few brands.  If we summarize these improved features in seven main topics.



This system allows without touching the mechanism locked at the beginning or after all the cartridges have been thrown. This system automatically loads the cartridge to the chamber when putting the first shot shell from loading points. This improved innovation allows shooters or hunters to shoot much faster than other shotguns.


The safety systems operate with either the disable triggering or disengage trigger, which prevents the trigger from being pressed, and does not interfere with the whole of the triggering system or a certain part of the shotgun. TRUST semi-automatic hunting shotgun works like other shotguns, for preventing it from triggering when safety on. But with help of the improved system, if shotgun fell down when the trigger is on or any impact which will cause the hammer to fall then the second safety system involve and before the hammer hits the firing pin it locks the hammer and by this way miss firing will not occur second safety system eliminates possible accidents.   



This system is locates on butt stock and hand stock, this allows the system to be easily removed and reattached if desired, before you hunt or shoot, thanks to specially designed swivel rings. This convenience gives you a good shot during the hunt or shooting, as well as aesthetics in the look of your gun. At the end of your shot or your swivel, you can comfortably carry your baggage easily by putting it back quickly with the convenience of active swivel.



This improved locking system, preventing loading from the magazine, for easily removing the cartridge in the barrel chamber and allows easily put another cartridge into the chamber. It allows loading the reservoir cartridge automatically by opening the magazine catch, the new shot shell comes from magazine tube and makes it ready for the next shot after the shooting.



This system provides you, without making any change on the shotgun enables you to shoot shot shells between 24gr and 52 grs. In general when a shotgun able to shoot 24 gr shot shells in the long run there is a possibility to broke or damage some parts of the shotguns when you shoot 52grs, in this shotgun by the help of the improved piston system without living any problem you can shoot with 24grs shot shells, while using 52grs shot shells special relief system begin to operate and there will be no change on working system of the shotgun, and also by this system possible harms to the system will be absorbed. In addition to this evacuation system while making the shooting the under draught of the barrel minimized and gives the shooter chance for the second shooting.



The end point of the chamber diameter, the inside diameter of the barrel and the changes made in the mobile shock screw and other dimensions formed this system, and named as INOV-BORE

1- Provides a very successful group on target

2- Reduces recoil during shooting to give you maximum advantage for the second shot

3- The effect, while hunting on the animals, the injured strokes are reduced to the minimum level

4- It makes it very easy to aim at the next shot by under draught of the barrel to the minimum level.



Automatic shotgun in present, cleaning, maintenance and repair in case of a need, it is necessary to remove the barrel and other parts. To do this will require removing the nut on the forearms. But in nature, such as water and moisture removal for reasons that can be easily corroded nut is becoming almost impossible to get out. This avoids the need to do cleaning or maintenance to be done on time. Thus, in the medium and long term with your shotgun may be inoperable. Practical forehand-lock system utility model patents, which was owned by our company CEO TÜFEĞİ İMALATI AR-GE SANAYİ VE TİCARET AŞ., this issue also offers a unique aesthetic while giving shooters easy access for maintenance.