Gamo Shadow Dx Pack Air Rifle

Gamo Air Rifles 
Caliber4.5 mm ( .177 in )
5.5 mm ( .22 in )
Weight3.2 Kg
Velocity4.5 mm 305 m/s
5.5 mm 220 m/s

Package Contains

In addition to the above mentioned Gamo brand Shadow Dx air rifle, 1 pcs Pro-magnum Pellet (Caliber will change accoridng to air rifle), 1 pcs Packet of 100 Target and 1 pcs 3-px40WR Scope is given.

Shadow Dx Package Contain


SWA [Shock Wave Absorber]

The new recoil pad from GAMO has been developed to help you in your shooting experience. Provides up to 74% more absorption than traditional recoil pads. Shoot comfortably!

Shock Wave Absorber

Shock Wave Absorber Pad



Revolutionary fibre optic gun sights. Lightning-quick target acquisition when you need it most. 

Truglo Fibre Optic Gun Sights
Truglo Technology